Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Q: We got your email about that house we looked at a couple of weeks ago.

We did sort of like it but we’re wondering why it hasn’t sold yet?  If it’s such a great place why hasn’t it been snapped up already?

A:  You’re asking a question I often hear, and I’ve never found an answer for it.  I could say some cute little phrase like “because it was waiting for you,” but that’s just borderline BS and I don’t do that.  We have a very tiny inventory of homes so in today’s hot market houses often sell very quickly.  But a listing that sits awhile can have multiple reasons to stay longer on the market.

First you must realize that a few weeks on the market is not that long.  Yes, some homes sell in days, but most take longer. Location can be a major issue.  Often, many of the active buyers looking on Vashon must commute every day, so the distance to the ferry can be a major deciding factor.  There are older, often retired buyers who feel more comfortable being close to town and are reluctant to move very far from our town core.

Of course, there can be issues with any house that discourage or encourage most buyers.  For folks with no experience or knowledge concerning home remodeling or renovating, a house that needs work can be daunting.  For families that want lots of acreage for horses or other animals, a small lot simply won’t work.  For people who garden, a property that is just one big lawn can be discouraging.  But for buyers who don’t want a fussy yard to maintain, that big lawn may be just fine.

What always puzzles me most about your question is that it implies that any home that is still available for you to see isn’t good enough.  That means you aren’t really committed to buying. I’m happy to continue to send you new listings and show you homes, but I think it’s important that you examine your attitude toward homes that are still available to you.

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