Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday message

We’ve come to the end of another year.  It’s been a turbulent year in our country and all over the world.  Due to the internet, we see too much and are manipulated constantly.  I would like to suggest that for a little while we turn all of that off or at least turn it down.  I try to stay sane and focused by concentrating on all of the good that surrounds us on this little island.
I like the stories of the runaway dogs that are often tracked by people all over the Island via Facebook or other local social media groups until the pup is reunited with his family. Or the story of a lady I spoke to recently who lost her purse.  It was full of cash for holiday shopping and all of her credit cards.  It was found and when she got it back everything was there.
I love the story of the little boy who told me he had settled for a smaller Christmas tree this year so that he could donate the difference a larger tree would cost to help the homeless.  He has good parents teaching him compassion and charity.
I hear so many stories from you.  I hear of accidents on slick roadways and the neighbors and professionals who save the day, and sometimes a life. I see the folks stopping to help a motorist in distress or give a friend a ride home.  I read the notes online that ask for, and receive, money or assistance for those suffering illness or injury.
But best of all is walking around town and seeing people talking, hugging, laughing and sharing.  There may be other places like this somewhere but I don’t know of them.  This community is open to folks of all ethnic background, color, religion, sexual orientation and political opinion. I’d say that’s rare. It’s worth defending forever.
This is a place where it’s safe to grow old.  We have our problems, of course.  Sadly, some bad things happen.  But kindness and generosity overflow here and I’m grateful. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Q: We’re thinking of waiting until spring to list our home but we’re getting nervous about the political changes coming.

Everyone we talk to says interest rates will go up, which could mean fewer buyers, and depending on what happens with a new administration, people may be nervous about spending money.  My husband spent the summer cleaning out the garage and the house has been ready for months.  Is it worth trying to sell it now during the winter?

A:  None of us can really predict the future.  But I can tell you that there are still buyers out there waiting for something and that our inventory of available homes is low and will likely go lower.  That’s the usual situation in the winter months. With low inventory and active buyers still out there, this might be an excellent time to go on the market.  The “fair weather” buyers are gone until spring and summer but the motivated folks are still out there looking.

I would recommend that you get a home inspection done before you list.  You can fix the things that are found by the inspector so that a buyer can see that it’s ready to go.  That also helps you locate any hidden repairs needed that are not obvious.  I was recently involved in the sale of a home where the sellers had an inspection and fixed all of the little things that were wrong.  The buyers did their own inspection which went smoothly and gave them confidence that the property and home had been well cared for.

I also recommend that you review the sellers disclosure form (form 17) that sellers are required to fill out before they list their property.  It will help you answer questions about your home and gives you a chance to go over the form when you’re not rushed.  You should interview several brokers and once you’ve selected a broker to list your home, be prepared to have the house ready to show at a moment’s notice.  The easier it is to show the more brokers will want to show it.